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Pharmaceutical and laboratory

Avadel Research


Avadel, a pharmaceutical R&D company with 50 employees, decided to close its laboratories in Vénissieux, near Lyon.

Equipment highlights

The laboratories were housed in two buildings and contained mainly analytical equipment (e.g. HPLC’s and centrifuges) and test/galenical equipment (e.g. tablet presses, and granulators).


The owner was looking for a reliable and pro active project management company to take over all the movable assets at market value and to empty and clear the property in a very short time all in 1 deal. PIPM purchased all movable assets and agreed to the strict additional and timeframe conditions set by the owner.


In a time frame of 4 months, PIPM sold more than 800 assets around the world.


The laboratories were handed over empty, swept and clean to the property owner.

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Olivier Autin

Country Manager PIPM France