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Grounded in 1962 as a glass working factory Berti soon became well-known in north-east Italy for doors and windows production as well as for double-glazing production for the building industry. In 2015, the firm -until then a family owned business- applied for the chapter 11 procedure at the Tribunal of Venice and soon afterwards the owners denied to present a restarting plan as was expected. In that moment 22 (out of previously 48) workers grounded a cooperative company to take over the business (workers buyout) with help of public financing. However the attempt to revamp the business after initial enthusiasm ended in 2020 with declaration of bankruptcy of the Berti Scl.

Equipment highlights

The Berti plant was made by two departments: alu-working dept. and glass cutting + double-glazing department. Though the second one also included some older machinery, equipment in general was from very well-known manufacturers and international brands.


The Tribunal put for sale all assets and PIPM submitted the best purchase offer.


PIPM succeeded in reselling both newer and older equipment in a short term.


The keys of the plant have been returned to the Tribunal receiver, who was enthusiastic about the broom clean status of the plant.

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