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Food processing



One of the largest European plants for the production of concentrates, fruit juices, purees, flakes and powders and a sub-supplier to most well-known bottling brands had stopped production and was looking for an industrial partner. However, this plan turned out to be too ambitious and the company had to go into receivership. PIPM bought all the assets from the Court of Verona (North-East Italy).

Equipment highlights

These included fruit lines, concentration film evaporators, decanting machines, pasteurizers, belt presses, fruit presses, and aseptic filling machines of well-known brands. The plant also had one of the largest storage capacities for food liquids in Europe with hundreds of high capacity stainless steel storage tanks.


We saw good sales opportunities for the factory and bought all the assets, including the real estate. Our offer was not matched by any competitor on the market.


Sales came immediately as the equipment from this factory proved to be in high demand among manufacturers in this industry. Companies from Western and Eastern Europe, as well as from North Africa and the Middle East bought the most valuable pieces.


The property was handed back completely empty and broom clean to full satisfaction of all parties involved. The large real estate is available for sale ready to be remarketed by International real estate agents as a logistic hub.

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Gianluca Giorgetti

Country Manager PIPM Italy