Hallin & Andersson


Hallin & Andersson was a micro producer in mid-south of Sweden producing turned details, including components for hydraulics and plumbing manufacturing. The company went bankrupt in May.

Equipment highlights

The assets included 2 highly modern CNC machines, of the brand Doosan.


The insolvency administration was looking for a reliable and pro active project management company to take over all the movable assets and the stock at market value and to empty and clear the property in a very short time all in 1 deal. PIPM purchased all movable assets and agreed to the strict additional and timeframe conditions set by the insolvency administration.


Within 2 ½ months, PIPM sold 100 assets.


PIPM cleaned the facility and delivered it in a broom clean condition. We managed to deliver this before the deadline.

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Davor Bosnic

Country Manager Scandinavia