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Earthmoving machines



In February, Kruyswijk B.V., a company located in Diemen specializing in ground, water, and road construction, declared bankruptcy.

Equipment highlights

The project, although not extensive in scope, involved highly sought-after assets and equipment. The purchased assets comprised a crawler excavator, a mini crawler crane, a variety of commercial vehicles, trailers, and various work materials, all representing reputable brands such as KATO, KUBOTA, KOMATSU, FESTOOL, and BOSCH.


Following an on-site viewing and bidding process, PIPM emerged as the successful candidate to acquire all the company’s assets.


Given the limited time available on-site, PIPM’s operational team demonstrated remarkable efficiency in preparing the assets. Once the preparations were completed, a successful sale was conducted, and all assets were duly transferred to their new owners.


PIPM upheld its agreement with the curator and promptly returned the property, ensuring it was cleaned and in good condition. The satisfactory outcome achieved for all parties involved, underscored the successful Result of the bankruptcy sale and asset acquisition process.

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