Santi & C. Srl


Santi & C was a quality cheese maker, reflecting on the tradition of four generations. The company offered a wide range of quality products like; mozzarella, taleggio and especially Gorgonzola cheese.

Equipment highlights

Behind the Santi quality was a well-equipped factory with high-quality machines of well-known brands. The equipment in each department was up to date and so were a number of superfluous facilities such as switchboards, transformers, generators, a thermal power station and an (ammonia) cooling system.


The Court of Novara (north-west Italy) sold to the highest bidder the whole plant of Santi & C., known for its artisanal quality level. PIPM was able to buy all the assets bundled together.


The equipment sale was attended by many specialised cheese producers and dairies from Italy and elsewhere in Europe. After a preview, which was open to the main players of these sectors, all machines were sold very well in a short period of time. The dismantling by specialised companies, including chemical cleaning, was also part of the project.


The property was handed back completely empty and broom clean to full satisfaction of all parties involved.

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