Selection for sale

Occasionally PIPM presents Industrial Assets for sale; idle and/or redundant assets due to the completion of a project which are no longer of any use for PIPM.
Please review the offer here below and contact us for more information.

  • SKODA W150 MU1200 NC

    SKODA W150 MU1200 NC

    Skoda rotor boring and milling machine, W 150 combined MU 1200 situated in Sweden.

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  • Husky HyPET 225 (2x)

    Husky HyPET 225 (2x)

    Modern and complete PET injection moulding lines for preforms situated in Italy.

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  • Shima Seiki (30x)

    Shima Seiki (30x)

    Ex Maglificio Gran Sasso Shima Seiki Knitting Machines (30x) situated in Italy.

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