Go green, for a sustainable future!

We have the difficult task of building a sustainable future for generations to come. By working with us, you can reduce your clearance costs and sustainably reuse and capitalize your equipment and machinery.

Embrace circularity – sell your assets sustainably!

We try to play an important role in promoting circularity by providing an opportunity for the reuse of used and surplus goods. By reselling products, we can help extend the life of goods and reduce the amount of waste generated by society.

Manufacturers fortunately have an increasingly strong incentive to design products that are sustainable, recyclable and where the lifespan can be extended.

Overall, the benefits of our circular business model are less waste, longer machine life and the promotion of circular business models to which we are happy to contribute.


Minimize your footprint. Maximize your assets.

Arnoud Guldemond - Managing Director PIPM Group