At home in all markets.

We are an internationally operating trading company that supports you from A to Z in case of (partial) company closure. We take over the surplus business assets and also carry out the entire project management.

PIPM Group
Platinum Industrial Plant & Machinery

From our Dutch headquarters and our offices in Paris, Düsseldorf, Milan, Zurich, London, Vienna, and Barcelona, we serve both large and small companies. We have a long track record with multinationals including Philips, General Motors, D.M.K., Friesland Campina, Nestlé, but also many local companies use our expertise.

Since 1972, we have established a track record in many different sectors: from dairy to metal, from wood to pharmaceuticals, from hospitals to aircraft factories and from iron foundries to laboratories. We are open to all industries. Our international network enables us to connect supply and demand in all these sectors.

Our clients include companies, procurement managers, trustees, private equity parties, banks, and leasing companies.

What PIPM Group provides for you:

  • acquisition of industrial assets, stocks, and inventory.
  • decommissioning and disposal of these items taking into account applicable Health and Safety Regulations, legal aspects, and certification issues.
  • if required, suggesting a partner for the sale/lease of the property.

We buy everything from office chairs to the largest machine lines and thus offer our customers a total solution.

Olivier Autin - Country Manager France