You can rely on us. For over 40 years.

Not only when it comes to a good price for your company assets, but also for the professional handling of all complex matters concerning the dismantling of your machines and company inventory as a result of bankruptcy, industrial relocation, or company closure.

You can count on this when working with us:

A bankruptcy, factory closure, or company shutdown creates opportunities and threats. Will you be able to sell all your company’s assets at a good price and on time? How will the logistical handling and aftermath work?

You can come to us with all these questions. For you, the termination of a business is probably not an everyday occurrence, but for us it is. For decades. We understand like no other what is involved and what is needed to ensure that the closure process runs smoothly.

A quick offer. You will receive our offer within a few days after our inventory. So that you can act quickly and know what to expect.

Financial strength. We pay in full after acceptance of our offer and signing of the purchase agreement. Good to know: we are a financially strong company. We stand by our agreements.

A fair price. We have the knowledge and expertise when it comes to estimating the net realisable value of machinery, equipment, and other business assets. Thanks to our extensive experience and database, we can always make you a suitable offer.

A carefree settlement. Not only your assets are in good hands with us. You can also leave the handling of all the complex and time-consuming processes involved in the dismantling to us, including a spotless delivery.

A professional partner. We empathise with your role, the situation, and your wishes. It goes without saying that we only work with certified employees and companies that work according to the applicable legal regulations.

We get the job done. The thrill of a good result is in our DNA, as is a good dose of entrepreneurial spirit and creativity. We use our step-by-step plan as a basis. In addition, each project has its own dynamics. We can always call on our local market knowledge and our extensive international network. One way or the other: we take care of it from A to Z.

Because we are knowledgeable and capital-rich, we can respond very quickly to our customers' needs.

Daniel Holland - Country Manager Germany