A wide range of projects.

We have listed various cases for you per country and per sector.



    Metal, Spain

    Mac Thermal

    PIPM has purchased all assets arising from the bankruptcy of MAC Thermal & Process Industries S.A. in Burgos,...

    Pharmacy, Germany


    The client wanted as little external traffic as possible on the company premises, so PIPM organised the dismantling,...

    Dairy, Germany

    DMK Roseneis

    PIPM bought all the assets and signed a contract to deliver the site free of all production equipment.

    Food, Germany


    Within 4 months, PIPM sold all 500 assets, dismantled them and loaded them onto the buyers’ trucks.

    Food, Spain

    Nuovo Bolleria

    In the Valencia region, PIPM bought the industrial bread-making machinery and equipment of the bankrupt Nuovo Bolleria.

    Metal, United Kingdom

    The Royal Mint

    Due to changes in its production facility, PIPM purchased the assets, consisting of metalworking machinery for the production...

    Energy, Sweden

    Gisle Arnesen

    Contacts between the Swedish law firm Carler and PIPM resulted in the agreement for the purchase of assets,...