Our approach

In this way, we work towards a final goal, in which your wishes and the agreed conditions are always central.

Our 7-step plan

Our working method consists of 7 steps: 

1. Introduction and inventory

We study the project in-depth, take stock of your wishes and conditions and inspect the relevant facility.

2. Defining frameworks

Together, we map out the framework within which the project must be realised. For example, we make agreements about the planning, what should happen with the machinery and how the premises should be delivered.

3. Our offer

You will receive a clear proposal for the acquisition of the specified assets from us.

4. Project plan

We draw up a project plan and make it clear how we will remove the purchased assets in a safe and professional manner within the specified period. In doing so, we ensure that any ongoing production processes are not disrupted.

5. Signature and payment

Immediately after the parties have signed the purchase agreement, we transfer the purchase price and start working according to the agreements made.

6. Project management

We carry out all the work according to the project plan: dismantling, decommissioning, and removal of all purchased assets. Naturally, we arrange all this within the agreed deadlines.

7. Realisation

We deliver the buildings empty and swept clean, taking into account your wishes and the agreements on the delivery.

In Switzerland, there is a need for a market player who pays a fair price and can act quickly.

Oliver Zwahlen - Country Manager Switzerland