Atigel Srl

This ice cream factory was closed down due to an official liquidation process. The liquidator was looking for a reliable party who could offer a suitable price and at the same time guarantee fixed pick-up times for the equipment. PIPM bought all the machinery and equipment bundled together from a court-ordered liquidation of the Venice Court.

This medium-sized factory was equipped with state-of-the-art machines (from, for example, an international brand such as Tetra-pak) for the production of cones, ice lollies, and sorbets and was equipped

Several companies, mainly from Europe and the Middle East, participated in the online sale organised by PIPM. The sale proved successful, most of the assets were sold within three months. The trustee was pleased with the cleanly delivered factory, which was ready for the sale of the property.

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Gianluca Giorgetti

Country Manager PIPM Italy