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Textile machines

Hulleman Textiel


On June 8th company Hulleman Textiel B.V.  in Almelo, The Netherlands, faced bankruptcy. Hulleman textiel developed and produced technically high-quality textile products for healthcare, the hospitality industry, shipping and the private market.

Equipment highlights

CNC controlled gantry sewing machines (DUEFFE, MAMMUT), duvet stitching machine (MECA) and mechanical portal duvet stitching machine (VEGA).


The insolvency administration was looking for a reliable and pro active project management company to take over all the movable assets and the stock at market value and to empty and clear the property in a very short time all in 1 deal. PIPM purchased all movable assets and stock and agreed to the strict additional and timeframe conditions set by the insolvency administration.


PIPM using its very extensive international network of buyers, intelligent remarketing tools within this sector and network of dismantling and international transport partners, sold all the assets within a short term.


The property was handed back completely empty and broom clean within 3 months to full satisfaction of all parties involved.

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Jeroen Altink

Area Director PIPM BeNeLux