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This big historic paper mill that is located right in the city centre went bankrupt due to market overcapacity and high energy costs.

Equipment highlights

The main assets were large paper production machines and paper preparation machines to produce high quality paper.


As a transparent sales process was needed, PIPM guaranteed a certain sales revenue and took a partner on board for the international sales process. According to the contract all the production related energy systems, pipes, tanks, cables and other production related equipment also needed to be taken out. This requires a strict health and safety and time schedule coordination for the dismantling process.


The sale attracted potential buyers from all over the world and the sales process demanded a lot of international negotiations and contractual arrangements.


The paper machines have been professionally dismantled for reuse at the new owner and prepared for intercontinental transport. Simultaneously the dismantling, loading of smaller machines and facility assets and demolition and complete clearance has taken place. The result is an empty and broom clean former papermill.

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