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Not only when it comes to a good price for your company assets, but also for the professional handling of all complex matters concerning the dismantling of your machines and company inventory as a result of bankruptcy, industrial relocation or company closure.


PIPM Group
Platinum Industrial Plant & Machinery

From our offices in Europe, we work with our clients worldwide on the disposal of company assets due to the closure of (production) facilities. From multinationals to small and medium-sized enterprises, from dairy to metal. We have built up over 40 years of experience and are at home in many markets and industries. Read more


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Our approach.

In order to steer the dismantling of your business assets in the right direction from beginning to end, we use a strict step-by-step plan. In 7 steps, we work towards a delivery in which your wishes and the agreed conditions are always central. We work transparently and have short lines so that we can act quickly.