Who is PIPM

Platinum Industrial Plant & Machinery (PIPM) is an investment and project management company, headquartered in Netherlands, with offices in Amsterdam, Paris, Düsseldorf, Milano, Zurich, London and Barcelona.

We are proud of our staff of highly motivated professionals who are experienced in the project management of major plant closures and asset disposal across Europe.



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Facility closures

The closure of a facility is never an easy thing to manage. There are issues that are not normally within the experience and expertise of the existing management. PIPM can buy the equipment, manage the orderly disposal and return the buildings in a “ready to let” condition within the time frame of the project.

Many issues have to be resolved such as social aspects, human resources, property matters, running down production, stock and asset disposal. PIPM offers a simple and rapid way to realise income from redundant machinery, plant services, laboratory and office contents etc..

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The PIPM process

PIPM inspects the facility and consults the principles and requirements of the seller (phase 1).

We agree timelines, internal asset redeployment and what is to remain with the buildings (phase 2).

PIPM submits a comprehensive purchase offer for all the available assets, machines and related equipment included in the facility (phase 3).

We agree a project plan individually designed to remove all the assets safely, professionally and with minimal effect on any continuing production (phase 4).

The contract will be mutually signed and the money is transferred (phase 5).

PIPM manages the asset disposal and removal process within the agreed time frame (phase 6).

PIPM returns the buildings empty and swept clean, respecting the principles of the seller (phase 7).